Join us Sunday @10 at the Midway Event Center.

11141 Old US Hwy 52, Winston-Salem, NC 27107
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Rocking Contemporary Music

The music at The River is mostly rock and roll. It can be loud and it is always about Jesus. We are very blessed to have amazing bands at both of our locations filled with men and women who love Jesus and desire to worship Him through their music. They sing everything from modern worship songs to old hymns done in new ways. Our music is great but it is more than just entertainment. Our music is part of the way in which we prepare our hearts and minds to hear the Word and to respond to it. As part of our worship at The River we also take communion, have the opportunity to be prayed over, and give offerings to help support God’s work at The River.

We are casual

The River is a place for everyone. You will find people dressed in jeans or shorts, but some also prefer to dress up more. We have an open atmosphere and we place a high emphasis on loving and welcoming all people to our services. We want you to feel at home at The River.

We preach Jesus

And while this might mean you’ll learn some things on how to be a better person, how to have a better marriage, or how to be more fulfilled in life—that’s not really the point. Because without Jesus, nothing matters. It’s because of Jesus that we can be a better person. Only Jesus can make a marriage better. And true fulfillment is only found in Jesus. This means we teach from the Bible, because the Bible is all about Jesus. Often we’ll go through whole books of the Bible, verse by verse, to show you what the whole Bible teaches and how it relates to Jesus.
Why do we do this? Because the Bible tells us that faith comes by hearing the word of God, which is the Bible. So we want to preach as much of it as we can. All of our sermons are online, so you can check out everything by giving a listen yourself.